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Legal Profession

Sliptest Australia are called upon by many of the largest Legal firms in Australia to assist either the building owner or the person that slipped – we provide expert opinion along with our laboratory reports and when required will also attend court.

We are able in the first instance to advise if the pedestrian surface is compliant with current regulations and standards – we will go through the scenario and recreate as best as possible the conditions on the day.
Our independent reports are submitted to our clients within 24 hours of the test taking place – we provide photographic evidence within the report along with the applicable standards that the flooring requires as determined by the national building code or the applicable Australian Standard

Our 3 page report will give you the answer based on our expert assessment of the area the slip took place and in conclusion will advise in simple terms either

Yes the pedestrian surface meets the standards as tested
No the pedestrian surface does not meet the standards as tested
We can meet all interested parties on site and gain access to the area in question, we will liaise with the building managers or facility managers and book a suitable time and date

We are NATA accredited

We are Independent

We are all owner operators

We are skilled in assessment and testing

Let us take the first step for you in your legal assessment, so you understand if duty of care has been provided or not where the incident took place.
We can be there when you need us to be ….

For more information when it comes to Legal Slip Testing – Call 1300 SLIPTEST now