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Tile Companies / Importers / Resellers

At Sliptest Australia we certify what the product is as it is presented to us, we can go onsite and meet with you, or test in one of our NATA accredited laboratories throughout Australia when and where you need us.
We test 1000’s of different tiles, flooring systems, and new pedestrian surfaces every year. We test to AS4586 and are NATA accredited. We use the pendulum machine to provide you the “P” rating for the surface.
Our point of difference and value add for our clients:
Test a new product advising where your flooring surface can be installed
Show the applicable Australian Standard
Show the applicable NCC Building Code
Simplified Test report with photos tailor made for your company.
If your product you have presented to us is not fit for intended purpose, we will work with you by suggesting for your own due diligence product development to help bring the ratings up or down.
We service 100’s of Tile Importers and flooring Wholesalers/ Manufactures throughout Australia
We look forward to partnering with you and being your testing facility.