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Body Corporate

sliptestAs part of the annual site safety audit of common areas within the body corporate, certifiers are asking for a Slip Test to be conducted to ensure these pedestrian surfaces are within the guidelines of the Australian Standards.
By engaging with Sliptest Australia, one of our owner operators throughout Australia will arrive on your site, go through the certifiers report and test the highlighted areas of concern

Within 24 hours of us being on site you will have our NATA accredited report outlining the results along with our interpretation of the Australian Standards for the pedestrian surface.
If your surface falls under the recommended slip rating we will work with you and provide guidance for the rectification works.
Every surface throughout your common areas has recommended slip ratings to achieve for the safety of your tenants, owners, and visitors.
We service 100’s of body corporate customers throughout Australia; we provide a simple end to end service from booking to final sign off and certification.
Once your site has been set up in our automated scheduling system we turn up test and report when and where you want us in the following years to ensure you know how your site sits with the Australian standards and building code.
Please give us a call now on 1300 754 783 to speak with your local owner operator throughout Australia.sliptest