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General Floor Safety Consultancy

We have over 20 years of experience in the areas of slip hazard identification and assessment of potentially hazardous floor surface areas such as Ceramic Tiles in both wet or dry areas, Vinyl floors in both wet and dry areas, Terrazzo surfaces in sites such as Shopping Centres and Malls, public entry areas, Body Corporate common areas, swimming pool areas, change rooms, toilets etc. in fact any area which may be deemed to pose a potential risk of slipping and tripping is an area where Sliptest can advise on compliance issues and if required provide advice on remedial treatment processes which may be required to bring these floor surfaces into line with the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards AS 4663 & AS 4586, with reference to AS 1428

We offer a full consultancy program in which we provide the following advisory and hazard identification services.

We are always happy to answer any enquiries on our Slip Testing Services. Feel free to contact us on 1300 SLIP TEST (1300 754 783) or via email or online enquiry on the Contact Us page.

Floor Surface Safety Audits

A full recurring inspection of all floor areas is offered, we can report on potential slip or trip hazards, offer advice on remedial treatments available to bring surfaces into line with requirements of BCA and Australian Standards we do not test and forget.

Trip Hazard Identification

We visit your premises and visually inspect all areas and report on potential trip and fall hazards which may fail to comply with either BSA or Australian Standards along with practical advice.

Wet Pendulum and Dry Friction Testing

Sliptest Australia perform On Site or Laboratory Wet Sliptesting using the latest Stanley Munro Pendulum testing units, these units are calibrated in house regularly using our own internal control processes then serviced and calibrated each two years by a NATA accredited external laboratory in line with the Australian Standards, this ensures that our test units are in the very best condition at all times and that we provide our clients with the most accurate testing facility available.
Our Dry testing is carried out using the Tortus 3 testing unit, the Tortus 3 is the latest technology and is electronically calibrated and reset on each use, the Tortus 3 provides a COF reading for dry floors to ensure that the floor surfaces we test are in compliance with the relevant Australian Standards for the site tested.

Slip Testing Australia

mapSliptest Australia provide their independent slip testing services to a number of commercial clients throughout Australia. We are accustomed to meeting the high standards of due diligence required in a commercial environment.

From our head office on the Gold Coast we can provide swift and effective service to all customers throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Northern New South Wales , Melbourne and Sydney.

We can inspect any floor area and test that it meets Australian Standards for safety. Our technicians are highly trained and utilise the latest technology available including wet pendulum tests to ensure our clients have peace of mind and comply with their insurer’s requirements.

We are NATA Accredited which ensures that our testing methods and reporting systems are accurate and comply to the Australian Standards.

If you have any enquiries at all please contact us on 1300 754 783.