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After the test has been performed we will provide a NATA accredited test report within 24 hours of the surface being tested. Our reports have photos of each area tested along with a simple guide which refers to the Australian Standards which apply to your surface.
Our purpose is to simplify and automate the testing process to suit our vast and different clientle.
We will tailor a solution whether you are one site one surface once a year to 200+ sites 4 times a year. We are an agile company listening to our customers and providing solutions not just test reports
With offices throughout Australia we are normally onsite within 1-3 days of your call in all major cities. All of our technician are owner operators with care and passion for the work they do … we will assess the test area and look for the high traffic high risk surfaces, this is our value add and point of difference in this service industry.

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Site Safety Program

We have 1000’s of sites throughout Australia which are checked at a minimum annually and are part of our site safety program.
This documented procedure is used in conjunction with insurance and risk assessments for the properties in question.
By having this system in place showing the due diligence and duty of care as the property owner providing safe and compliant pedestrian surfaces throughout their establishment lowers the overall risk for the property in question when it comes to slips.
Our clients forward this compliance information onto their insurance companies and brokers as part of the overall risk assessment for the property.
Pedestrian surfaces wear; this is why they need monitoring and testing, they are affected by traffic, cleaning, sunlight a myriad of factors. We see the results and help prevent slip accidents on sites and are glad we are providing this service Australia wide.

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Some friendly advice and questions answered before $$ are spent

We are the experts when it comes to the Australian standards and slip testing surfaces, we see and test floors day in and day out, rather than wade through the internet searching… please give us a call, if you know what you are putting down and where you are putting it, we can provide you some simple and helpful information to make sure you are providing a safe complaint surface. We have 100’s of stories where we were engaged too late and rectification work for compliance/ Form 16 / Handover to end user was required. Please let us save you valuable $$, time and effort. Engage with Sliptest Australia before you purchase your new pedestrian surface.

Wet Pendulum and Dry Friction Testing

Sliptest Australia perform On Site or Laboratory Wet Sliptesting using the latest Stanley Munro Pendulum testing units, these units are calibrated in house regularly using our own internal control processes then serviced and calibrated each two years by a NATA accredited external laboratory in line with the Australian Standards, this ensures that our test units are in the very best condition at all times and that we provide our clients with the most accurate testing facility available.
Our Dry testing is carried out using the Tortus 3 testing unit, the Tortus 3 is the latest technology and is electronically calibrated and reset on each use, the Tortus 3 provides a COF reading for dry floors to ensure that the floor surfaces we test are in compliance with the relevant Australian Standards for the site tested.

Slip Testing Australia

mapSliptest Australia provide their independent slip testing services to a number of commercial clients throughout Australia. We are accustomed to meeting the high standards of due diligence required in a commercial environment.

From our head office on the Gold Coast we can provide swift and effective service to all customers throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Northern New South Wales , Melbourne and Sydney.

We can inspect any floor area and test that it meets Australian Standards for safety. Our technicians are highly trained and utilise the latest technology available including wet pendulum tests to ensure our clients have peace of mind and comply with their insurer’s requirements.

We are NATA Accredited which ensures that our testing methods and reporting systems are accurate and comply to the Australian Standards.

If you have any enquiries at all please contact us on 1300 754 783.