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We are seeing more of our clients consult with us during product selection process when choosing the pedestrian surfaces. This is a welcome change in the school of thought due to the many times we have been engaged to test at the end of construction and the results did not meet Australian standards and rectification work was required days before handover.

We work with most of Australia’s largest builders and construction companies. Due to the health and safety compliance and insurance requirements we are the national Slip Testing Company of choice in this sector.We offer advice before and after the test regarding the standards and the national building code.
We also certify new and renovated stairways and ramps to ensure they are compliant sliptest with the new building code

We know and respect the importance of getting to the job on time and producing the report in a timely manner – Our test report are with you in most cases 12 hours after testing .
We don’t just test and forget … we will suggest remedial action to help the builder get compliant in the cases where the surface laid has not been up to standard or code.Please partner with Sliptest Australia to experience customer service and reporting nation wideSliptest